Save a Life Foundation was formed in 2019 with the purpose of connecting our community, person by person, giving them a lifesaving gift. One blood or bone marrow donation saves a life. The problem is supply and demand. There are too many people who need donations and not enough people giving them. The purpose of this foundation is to connect donors to recipients by educating the need of blood and bone marrow donations.


  • Each blood donation can save up to three lives but that window is only 42 days of red blood cells.
  • Whole blood donations are about one pint. Women have about 10 pints in their body while men have around 12 pints.
  • The most requested blood type is O because it’s a universal donor.
Q: What is a universal blood donor?
A: The blood type O. It can be used for any blood transfusion. About 45% of Caucasians are type O, with 57% of Hispanics and 51% of African-Americans are O as well.
Q: Does ethnicity matter for whole blood donations?
A: You’re more likely to match with someone of the same ethnicity so minorities are always in need for more blood donations.

Bone Marrow

Bone marrow makes up more 200 billion blood cells each day; however, from those that suffer from a bone marrow disease (such as leukemia, aplastic anemia, lymphoma, myeloproliferative disorders) they aren’t able to produce these cells and thus have a shorter life span. With your donation of blood or bone marrow, you can help save a life.


Q: Do Ethic Backgrounds affect the matching of Blood Marrow Matching?
A: Yes. The tissues type of each ethnicity is a bit different from another and therefore there is a better chance of survival if the patient has the same ethnic background as the donor.

Q: How are they matched?
A: When a patient’s HLA, Hyman leukocyte antigen, matches the donors’. HLA is a protein in cells that makes each person’s tissue different and when there is a match in the HLA, the bone marrow transplant is able to happen.

Q: Why is this crucial to South Asians?
A: There is a lack of South Asian registered donors presently. Without a match South Asian requiring a blood marrow and patients are at a disadvantage of a successful bone marrow transplant. The search for a south Asians’ blood marrow match is much more difficult because of the complex HLA protein produced and not enough donors with a match of the HLA protein.


What we do

We take names of anyone willing and connect potential donors to Blood Works Northwest or Be the Match. At events, we will be collecting donor’s information and passing it onto these organizations so they’re able to donate. If you would like to donate online you can either contact these organizations through their websites directly or if you want to do it through us, visit at our next event (on Contacts page), or send us an email at We’re you’re connecting factor for you to help save a life.


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